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An Authentic Chinese Atmosphere in Copenhagen.

We have a seat for you, come in and experience an authentic Chinese atmosphere.

A Premium Menu, Good Company, Warm Atmosphere...

Quality Food, Lovely Company and Great Atmosphere Are A Must When Dining.

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We Are At Kongens Nytorv.

“Kings New Sqaure” at Bredgade 29

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Fresh ingredient is the key

A good dish starts with picking the best ingredients on the local market or suppliers.


Years of experience is a must

Premium ingredients needs a steady hand with years of experience to turn it in a fabulous dish.


Warm atmosphere and good company

Enjoying a good dinner needs good company and cozy scenery.

Good value and great food. Just go there!

I visited this restaurant in March 2015 when it had very few reviews. Not surprised to see when I write this review that it is number #11 of 1,634 Restaurants in Copenhagen. My husband and I visited during lunch hour and the place was almost empty, I am sure it will not be like that for a long time. We had several courses and each one of them was extremely good. The wine was good too and the whole experience was off good value. I highly recommend this place and will be back when in Copenhagen.


Reykjavik, Iceland

Delicious food

Compared to other Chinese places in Copenhagen, this one feels less fast foody and more authentic. The spicy chicken claws are a must. So are all the proper main dishes. They are not a lot, but they are all special. We got the sweet and sour fish and the prawns and they were spectacular.

Anna Todor

Copenhagen, Denmark

Raising the Standard of Chinese Food in Copenhagen

Diamond Rice is setting new standards for Chinese food in Copenhagen. Excellent service, good food , reasonable prices and pleasant surroundings has already made this a popular restaurant.

The restaurant is popular for groups and can still cope with maintaining their service and food quality. My visit was as a part of a group and to make things easy we settled for the set menu – dim sum soup a selection of main courses plus desert all for Dkk 299 – very good value considering the quality. I will certainly return and try to be more adventurous next time. Reasonable selection of wine. The staff spoke of widening the menu once they had perfected the dishes. Emphasis on fresh ingredients. Well on the way to being a top – mid range – restaurant. Owing to its popularity I would recommend booking in advance even mid-week.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Couldn’t believe the service could be that friendly

We read about this restaurant here at TA and chose to make a reservation. We were welcomed with a, for Denmark extreme hospitality and seated in a room with a decorative design and luminaries not seen in any Asia restaurants I have been to.
The food was fantastic and the price was embarrassing low. We felt we were not paying nearly half of what we expected. Definitely worth a revisit.

Bo Brinck

Senior Reviewer , Trip Advisor

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